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Next Gen-Gaming. Vivid Streaming. Competitive Tournaments. 

Audioptix Gaming is here to deliver a new experience to the gaming culture in Central New York

Equipped with next generation consoles and vivid screens that bring characters to life, our Gaming Arena will put you in the element to win like the champion you are!



XBox and Playstation controller on top of mouse pad


How did we go from the audio and video industry...

to the gaming and streaming industry?

On the ropes, we had to improvise or meet our demise.

We chose to adapt and fight back! 

Like many businesses out there, when COVID hit, everything changed. For Audioptix, Central New York's Premier Production Hub, it meant our vocal booth and studio for musicians and artists would cease to exist. The home for hundreds of creatives was facing insurmountable odds and we knew we had to make some serious changes. Our business model was turned upside down and we faced the question "What's next?"

We went back to the drawing board. We threw ideas against the wall and seen what stuck. We brainstormed until the midnight oil was burned, then brainstormed some more until we were in the eye of the storm. It was then that we realized we would have to make sacrifices and tough decisions had to be made. 

We came to the realization that it was time to move on from our old business model and transition into a growing industry.

A new challenger has entered the ring!

Enter Audioptix Gaming, an ambitious step into the gaming industry backed by a Creative Director that brings more than just degrees to the table. 
Anthony "AO" Owens, the C.E.O. and founder of Audioptix, has been the creative force behind hundreds of projects behind the lens in CNY. From filming on base in the epic Xombieland to streaming the County Executive's press releases during the darkest hours of COVID-19, AO plans to stream our clients in the highest resolution while implementing strategic marketing practices to drive traffic to our gamers websites.*

The Possibilities Are Endless

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Enjoy a full selection of retro arcades as a bonus. Included with every day-pass and tournament so you're entertained while you wait for the brackets to cycle and catch up to your win streak

At Audioptix Gaming we believe it's important to show respect to the games that paved the way for the genres we love today.   With that being said, expect MK Mania,                      NBA Jam 2v2 tournaments,            Marvel vs Capcom Fight Nights and high score challenges on

Mrs. Pac Man, Pac Man and Galaga.


Cash prizes and next-gen console giveaways are the only option available for the retro gamers out there.

Imagine yesterday helping you game today. Game over!

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A message from the Future

Do yourself two favors -
Be yourself at all times
and be extraordinary in all that you do.

Your future self will thank you


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Virtual Reality in Reality is unReal

you have to experience it to believe it

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